Choosing The Right Lawyer

The skill and reputation of the lawyer that represents you greatly affects the way in which ICBC agrees to settle your claim. The following are some critical questions that you should ask prior to retaining a lawyer's services:

  • Does the lawyer (or any of his/her colleagues in the firm) also work for ICBC in defending personal injury claims? If so, that lawyer will be prevented from making certain types of claims against ICBC. This is due to the strict contractual rules that ICBC places on the individuals and firms that represent them.
  • Does the lawyer devote the majority of his/her time to representing injured plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits?
  • Will the lawyer commit to funding the cost of the litigation and be patient enough to promise that he/she won't attempt to settle the case until the full impact of your injuries has been understood?
  • Does the lawyer have a proven record of success at trial for other injured persons so that your case will be taken seriously by ICBC?
  • Does the lawyer have a proven record of success with jury trials that would influence ICBC to avoid this method of trial, should a trial become necessary?
  • Do you feel confident that this lawyer will fight hard for you?
  • Does the lawyer make use of video and computer technology to best represent cases in negotiations, at mediation, or at trial?
  • Has this lawyer been highly recommended to you by other people?