Personal Injury

Osborne Cane handles all manner of personal injury cases including those caused by motor vehicle accident, product failure, and medical malpractice. We also handle cases involving the unjust denial of disability benefits by large insurance companies.

While our focus is on brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other serious injury cases where a person's future enjoyment of life and ability to earn income has been threatened, we also handle many cases dealing with chronic pain, neck and back injury, and psychological injury. The lawyers at Osborne Cane have many years experience dealing with various complex medical issues.

Our personal injury support teams are skilled at obtaining the best medical and rehabilitative support services for seriously injured people in British Columbia; whether from ICBC under their Part 7 "no-fault benefits" or via private medical and rehabilitation service providers.

We believe that rehabilitation and replacement of income loss should come first and that full justice for an individual's losses should only be recovered once the long-term effects of an injury have been fully documented and the cost of future care proven.

Many people assume that injuries should rarely cause chronic pain or long-lasting psychological harm. Yet the truth is that, in some cases, motor vehicle accident injuries and exposure to life-threatening situations can leave a permanent mark on a previously healthy person. We understand this phenomenon and work everyday to ensure that these cases are given the close and careful attention they deserve. The lawyers at Osborne Cane have a long history of trial and settlement success in cases involving chronic pain and psychological injuries.